Max Marchione | On Independent Thought And The Value Of Courage

Max Marchione is the Founder of the angel investing group Ultraviolet Ventures, the Founder of Next Chapter, has interned at Goldman Sachs, and works part-time at venture fund GGV.

He is currently studying Maths and Finance at the University of Sydney.

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00:00 Max Marchione
01:20 Max's Journey
03:53 Max's Learning Gap Year
07:41 How did learning how to learn affect Max
11:24 How does Max go about being an independent thinker?
18:21 Idea's that Max thinks are undervalued
25:46 Max's best investment of time and money
29:45 How Max approaches enjoying the present vs striving towards the future
35:39 How does Max approach his career?
41:23 How does Max think about high performance in the workplace?
44:34 Max's Advice
47:34 Connect with Max
47:48 Outro