Caleb Maru | On African Startups and the Power of Accountability

Caleb Maru is the Head of Programs at EntryLevel and a Partner at Proximity Ventures.

He is passionate about startups in Africa and writes about his learnings in his newsletter.

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00:00 Caleb Maru
00:11 Intro
00:30 Start of interest in Africa
03:34 Biggest differences in startup culture between Aus and Africa
12:20 Undervalue parts of African startup ecosystem
17:35 The role of governments in Africa
21:05 Personal Learning from Africa
23:26 Caleb at Entrylevel
25:26 Caleb's reskilling journey
27:12 Traits of successful EntryLevel learners
32:32 Caleb's Inspirations
35:51 Most worthwhile investment of time or money
40:41 Advice for Graduates
42:02 Connect with Caleb
42:46 Outro