May 2, 2022

On the Specialist vs Generalist Dilemma

On the Specialist vs Generalist Dilemma

Today's episode looks at searching for the best career. Should you specialise early? Or be a generalist and specialise later?

This episode contains content from Chris Dixon, Bill Gates, Tim Ferris, Malcolm Gladwell and David Epstein on how to best approach your career. 

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00:00 On the Specialist vs Generalist Dilemna
00:00 Episode Intro 
01:57 Chris Dixon on Hill Climbing
03:33 The Two Approaches to Finding and Climbing 'Hills'
04:48 The 10,000 Hour Rule
06:20 The Problem with the 10,00 Hour Rule
07:45 Bill Gates on the 10,000 Hour Rule
09:33 Tim Ferris on the 10,000 Hour Rule
12:26 Range - The Tiger v Roger Problem
15:21 Adam Ashton on Range
19:24 Applications - Match Quality
22:56 Applications   - Long Term Success Requires a Broad Base
25:23 Applications - Short Term Thinking
29:23 Application - Skill Intersections
32:22 Early Specialisation can be counter-productive
35:28 Outro