#8 - On Purpose Driven Business and Transdisciplinarity with Co-founder and CEO, Andrew Akib

#8 - On Purpose Driven Business and Transdisciplinarity with Co-founder and CEO, Andrew Akib

Andrew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Maslow. Maslow is a voice-enabled rehabilitation assistant for young people living with paralysis. Andrew is a musician and artist at heart and says that is how he learned to be a leader, innovator, and problem solver.

My 3 takeaways from this episode:

1. The importance of transdisciplinarity.

Andrew says that his experiences across multiple domains allow him to connect with those from a wide variety of disciplines and produce better outcomes for his business.

2. The benefits of purpose-driven companies.

Andrew highlights the sense of fulfillment and responsibility that comes with working on a purpose-driven business.

3. The value of trusting your gut.

Andrew tells us that if he had trusted his gut, he would have started Maslow much sooner. He says if he could go back, he would trust his gut and take action. This is a theme we have heard on the podcast before. If you have that feeling in your gut, take the leap before it's too late.

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Episode Content
00:00 Andrew Akib
00:29 Intro
01:34 How did Andrew Get into Consulting from Music
08:11 Music not seen as a traditional consulting degree
08:50 What Artists are good at
09:43 How Andrew ended up in the disability space
17:45 Noticing and Taking Opportunities
19:05 Passions and Identity
21:16 Transdisciplinarity
24:27 Range
26:48 Purpose-Driven Businesses
30:17 Excitement for Purpose-Driven companies
33:52 Companies and Founders that Inspire Andrew
35:53 Dealing with Self-Doubt
39:14 Advice for Early Career
42:12 Connect with Andrew