Sept. 5, 2022

Mykel Dixon | On Rediscovering Your Creativity

Mykel Dixon | On Rediscovering Your Creativity

Mykel Dixon is an award-winning speaker, author, musician & globally recognised authority on creativity, leadership and the human future of work.

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00:00 Mykel Dixon
00:29 Creativity as we get older
03:56 Why does creativity matter
06:40 How can we re-engage with creativity
10:26 The Shift in Work
18:14 Change comes from you
21:13 Thoughts to Reality is a Muscle
25:16 Creativity is life or death
32:01 You being at your best makes things better for everyone
35:26 Balancing Fun and Work
37:16 Re-Engaging with Creativity
42:52 How to be a good public speaker
50:25 Advice for Graduates
56:51 Outro