Jan. 3, 2022

Haynes D'Souza | On The Graduate Experience and Careers

Haynes D'Souza | On The Graduate Experience and Careers

Haynes is a Finance Manager at Airwallex. He has worked at Goldman Sachs JBWere and PWC, where he worked in Silicon Valley on billion-dollar deals like the Uber IPO and Airbnb transactions.

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Show Notes
00:00 #11 Haynes D'Souza
00:00 Intro
02:14 From Melbourne to Silicon Valley
06:42 Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia
09:04 Lesson's from Covid in New York 
14:14 What makes a successful startup
18:01 The Importance of Timing for Your Startup
22:47 Upcoming Trends
31:06 Haynes' Favourite Failure
37:54 Questions to ask when moving roles
39:56 Your career is not linear
43:12 Finding Mentors in Australia
46:12 How to reach out to people
49:18 Haynes' Advice for Graduates
52:26 Charlie Munger's Lattice Theory
56:08 The Fancy Title Career Mistake
01:00:33 Outro