Dec. 20, 2021

#9 - On Mentoring and Mental Health

Aiden studied IT and finished his degree in 2016, he has previously worked at Apple and PWC and now works as a Technical Trainer @ Microsoft. He is passionate about mental health.

Eric studied commerce at university and has worked in many roles across South East Asia in investing, business development, and communications. He's now an editor at Newsweek.

Both my guests Both guests are working on a project called MentorFold, where they aim to connect up-and-coming Graduates with early-career Mentors.

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My Takeaways

Mental Health is important

Often mental health is not associated with the typical 'corporate grind hustle' culture. If you are working too hard, it's important to take it slow and recharge. Don't let work ruin your sanity.

Mentors are important

If you know where you want to go, finding someone who knows how to get there will be a critical and important step on your journey. So many of the problems you wish you could get rid of have already been solved by someone else. Find them, and fix your problems.

Reach out to network and get mentors

Great mentors and great people don't just appear in your life. If you want these people in your life, it's up to you to go out and find them.

Things Discussed

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00:00 Aiden and Eric

00:42 Intro

01:36 What was the inspiration behind Mentorfold?

05:22 What are the benefits of having a mentor?

07:21 Friction of Reaching out to Strangers

08:29 What problems do mentors solve?

12:42 The New Job Code

20:31 Challenges Graduates Face and How to Deal with Them

24:46 Aidan and Eric on the Importance of Mental Health

35:49 Checking in with people about their Mental Health

39:10 Aiden and Eric's Advice for Starting Your First Job

44:13 Outro