March 28, 2022

#23 On Building a Remote Career in Web3 with Josh Reyes

Good morning Graduates!

Welcome to episode #23 of Graduate Theory. Web3 is taking over the world, and today's guest is right in the thick of it. Listen as we discuss Web3, culture and remote work.

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Josh Reyes is a serial entrepreneur who recently raised a 650k pre-seed round to work on a web3 startup that he co-founded called Minke.

He was previously the first employee and head of growth at SmartrMail, where he scaled the team to $2M ARR and 20+ employees

πŸ‘‡ Episode Takeaways

Starting from the bottom

Josh had an interesting approach to his career. Rather than joining a large company, as is the norm, he joined a startup as the first employee.

With this in mind, he gave his thoughts on starting at a startup in this way in comparison to working at a big corporate.

So going into an early stage startup, I was able to do a lot and it allowed me to actually explore what I wanted to do and like what's my role and what my strengths were within a company.

Big companies provide great training, but they also mean you don't get to do as wide of a variety of tasks.

Being the first employee, Josh got to work across the entire business side of the company. This meant he had the unique opportunity to learn a wide range of new skills. More than he would have been able to at a big company.

Be Proactive

Starting a new job fully remote can be tough. Josh gave some good advice for those of us in this situation when it comes to making new connections at work.

Even though you might be in a remote company, this does not mean that people at work have no desire to socialise.

even though you're a grad and you have like a hunger to meet people, even people that are mid thirties they just don't want to work all day at home and not talk to anybody.

People want to talk (even on video calls). If you're in this situation, get out there and start booking some time in calendars!  

Learn to Write (and share)

Josh had over 200+ applicants for his marketing intern position. Competition for Web3 jobs is extremely high.

So how can we go about differentiating ourselves in the marketplace?

Josh says the keys are learning to write about web3 and sharing that in public.

It's hard to explain what we do to everyday people and to make it approachable and transparent for them. And writing is such a strong, important skill to for us as companies to, to acquire. So just being public about your learning journey, if you're, they can give, getting into web three and. Researching it yourself, just write about it. And when you apply for a job share, share it.

When learning about Web3, go deep into rabbit holes, discover new things. Josh says that his team will check your wallets and see what you've been playing with in the ecosystem so they can see how much you know.

Go deep, go wide and go far.

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πŸ“ Show Timestamps

00:00 Josh Reyes - Multicam 01:22 Starting Work as the First Employee 04:34 Super Early Stage or Corporate? 07:01 What are the unique opportunities that you get from working at an early stage company? 08:31 What do people undervalue about early-stage startups? 11:50 The Remote State of Minke 13:01 How do they handle 'all person' remote meetings? 15:01 Company Culture in a Remote First Org 20:48 What is the future of remote work? 25:37 Advice for Graduates joining remote companies 29:43 What does Minke Do? 31:26 How does DeFi yield work? 37:12 Hiring as a Web3 company 39:19 How to differentiate yourself when applying for web3 roles 45:12 Contact Josh 46:04 Outro