March 14, 2022

#21 On Resume Writing and Authenticity with Nimarta Verma

Hello Graduates!

This wonderful week it's episode #21 of Graduate Theory. It's time to discuss resumes and cover letters.

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Nimarta Verma is CEO and Chief Strategist of Disruptor Brand. She helps brands and leaders to tell their stories louder and make marketing easier.

👇 Episode Takeaways

Calling Out Nerves

We all know that feeling. You're walking into the interview, sweating like the sun is walking right next to you.

These nerves can really affect your performance in an interview. When you want to look good, being nervous isn't something that is going to help.

So what do we do in these situations?

Nimarta says to call it out.

I feel like even just acknowledging that, oh man, I'm really nervous. Like that actually is such a great ice breaker. And sometimes as an interviewer, like I actually say to the person, I go, look, I get it. It’s normal to be a bit nervous, you know.

Next time you're in the interview and you're feeling like you need to keep your nervousness a secret, don't.

Acknowledge it, accept it and tackle the interview as best as you can.

Apply Your Skills to Your Position

Often when people apply for graduate jobs, they don't have much experience. In fact, almost no experience at all.

This can make it tricky to fill out your resume.

Nimarta tells us that even though we may not have direct skills in certain areas, we have skills that we have learnt that will carry over to new roles.

how has that experience, how does the skills I've learned through doing a job in retail, how will that benefit them in a job in accounting or in marketing, whatever the industry they're in.

Even though you may not have experience in the industry, it doesn't mean that you don't have useful skills for the organisation.  

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📝 Show Notes

00:00 Nimarta Verma

01:08 How has Nimarta's Job Application process changed over time

03:21 How Does Nimarta Structure her Resume?

07:14 Do 'humanised' resumes work?

08:43 How can someone 'humanise' their resume?

14:20 Does a 'humanised' resume polarise employers?

15:13 What mistakes do people make in their resumes?

18:36 Nimarta's cover letter story

22:20 Dealing with Nerves during interviews

25:12 Traits of Good Interviews

29:49 What has Nimarta taken from marketing and applied to herself?

37:14 Nimarta's Advice for Graduates

39:00 Connect with Nimarta

39:58 Outro