Feb. 28, 2022

#19 On Designing a Successful Side Hustle with Penny Talalak

Hello Graduates!

This week we present #19 of Graduate Theory. On designing and side-hustling.

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Penny Talalak is a UX/UI Designer @ BCG Digital Ventures, Freelancer, Speaker & Mentor.

πŸ‘‡ Episode Takeaways

Speed is Key

Productivity is an ever-present problem.

It seems that we are always looking for ways to fit more in our days, to achieve more than we currently are.

Penny explained to me that a major reason why she is able to do so much is that she makes fast decisions.

Doing things very fast, that minimizes decision making time, if you decide something very slow, your life will probably be slow. If I want to do something, I'd do it straight away.

Powerful people can quickly convert thoughts into reality.

Increase your power, make decisions faster.

Fail Fast to Learn Fast

Failure is seen as a bad thing.

We don't want to fail because that would mean we didn't succeed. We will look bad in front of our colleagues like we are not capable of doing a good job.

In reality, failure is the seed of all success. Every person that has succeeded has also failed.

It's the learnings that come from failing that are powerful. The more we fail, the more we learn.

it's always better to fail faster. So then you learn faster as well, right?

Fail fast, learn fast and eventually, succeed.

You only have to be right one time - Mark Cuban

Think Deeper

When completing tasks, we can often fail to understand why the task is being completed.

During the conversation with Penny, we spoke about the example of designing a logo for a business. On the surface, it's a simple task.

The company wants a new logo, we design one, job done.

But here, we have made a mistake. We failed to deeply understand the problem.

By failing to think deeper, we are providing a surface-level solution to a problem that is much broader than we anticipated.

Understanding what a logo means to a business, how it affects their customers and their culture, the psychology behind a good design, can be what takes your work from good to great.

You can design, I can design, everyone can design a website. Right. But what people don't realise is the psychology behind it.

Uncover the reason why something needs to be done, and realise the benefits.

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πŸ“ Show Notes

00:00 Penny Talalak

00:00 Intro

01:03 Penny's First Side Hustle

05:22 Commonalities in Penny's Side Hustles

08:07 Where Penny did Market Research

09:23 What Penny Includes in Market Research

11:40 Penny's Current Market Research Method

12:57 The Balance Between Market Research and Action

15:14 Failing Fast

17:48 Interests in the business Idea

21:15 Penny's Thoughts on Time Management

27:45 Penny's Time Management Tips

31:13 The 5 Best Friends Rule

33:29 Penny's Thoughts on Becoming a Designer

38:43 Attributes of Designing that Penny thinks are under-rated

42:39 Penny's Favourite Failure

47:57 Penny's Advice for Graduates

50:59 Contact Penny

52:38 Outro