Feb. 14, 2022

#17 On The Importance of Taking Action with Aaron Ngan

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Welcome to episode #17 of Graduate Theory, providing you with lessons and tips so that you can have a successful and fulfilling career.

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This week's guest is Aaron Ngan. Aaron is an experienced entrepreneur, public speaking coach, and career skills expert. He is the CEO of Junior Achievement Australia, helping people across the country succeed in employment and entrepreneurship.

In this week's episode, we focus on taking action and converting ideas and plans into things we can do TODAY.

πŸ‘‡ Episode Takeaways

Smallest Actionable Step

A big part of this episode was talking about the smallest actionable step. Often when we look at our goals or plans, we can get overwhelmed by a big list of things to do. It can seem hard to make progress. What Aaron suggested was to break your problems down into the smallest actionable step.

So find that smallest actionable step. And then once you can find that and like ideally smallest, actionable step, just to give it some tangibility, you're talking like five minutes to an hour, max. If it takes longer than that, then it's not a small actionable step.

The journey is made up of small steps, we can't know what the journey is going to look like until we get started!

What You Get is What You Deserve

Are you ready to do that thing? To start that business? To go for that job?

Nothing gets accomplished unless you take action. And the results that you get from the action that you take are exactly precisely what you're ready for. But we try to go in our head to find out, am I ready? Am I not? Take the action. You will find out.

You will only find out once you take action. Once you attempt something you will get feedback that lets you know if you are ready or not. Apply for a job and get rejected? You are not ready.

It's important to keep taking action and keep getting this feedback so that you can see where you are and are pushing the limits with what you can achieve.

Show Your Work

Aaron's number one piece of advice.

The number one piece of advice I would give is share what you're up to share it with your family, share it with your friends, share it with your network. Just tell people, Hey, this is what I want to be doing.

You never know what opportunities can arise just by telling people what you're up to. Like Aaron said in the episode, don't just reply to "how are you" with "good thanks". Actually telling people what you did might surprise you just how receptive and helpful people are.

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πŸ“ Show Notes

00:00 Aaron Ngan 00:51 Intro 01:25 What does Taking Action mean to Aaron? 10:03 Researching vs Using information 14:07 You will never feel ready! 16:50 Aaron's experience with uncertainty when taking action 25:13 Going from 0 to 1 30:28 Mental tools for going from 0 to 1 35:51 Advice for someone having trouble taking action 39:38 Aaron Helps Talk about James' eBook 54:32 How Taking Action Relates to Careers 59:33 Aaron's Career Advice for New Graduates 01:05:05 Connect with Aaron 01:06:02 Outro