Feb. 7, 2022

#16 On building a long term and sustainable career with Michael Gill

Michael Gill is a titan of the law industry in Australia. Since graduating from university in 1970, he has accomplished so much.

Michael has worked at DLA Piper in Sydney for over 50 years, taking roles as Chairman, Managing Partner and Consultant

He has been the president of the law society of NSW, the president of the Law Council of Australia and established the Australian Insurance Law Association.

Michael is also a life member of the law society of NSW.

Level Up Your Career

🤝 Connect with Michael

Get in touch with Gilly via his email: Michael.gill at outlook.com.au

👇 Episode Takeaways

Work is Life

During the interview, Gilly spoke about how when work becomes something you aren't just doing to pass the time, it is really powerful.

It's time we really sat down and actually thought about our work, not just as something that we have to get out of the way so we can get back to enjoying ourselves, but something that is actually enjoyable in itself.

Conquer Imposter Syndrome with Help

We spoke to Gilly about imposter syndrome. He was named a partner at his law firm after only 1 year, it's likely that he would have felt entirely out of his depth! He said that what helped him was that he never felt alone. He always had people to call on to support him. This is something we can all do in times of doubt, call on those to help you through.

In the Zone

One really interesting insight I had from this chat with Gilly was his ritual before meetings. He would close his eyes and take himself to a place of calm before the meeting, and then conduct the meeting from his best self. This is a great practice that we can all adopt to be more present through the work day.

📝 Show Notes

00:00 #16 Michael Gill

01:17 Intro

02:32 Gilly's Experience at University

08:17 What are the articles of clerkship?

12:57 The Start of Gilly's Career

17:06 Difference Between a Solicitor and a Barrister

18:53 Gilly's First Job in Law

25:34 What is work?

32:03 Gilly's Favourite Lawyers

36:29 When Money isn't fulfilling you

44:50 When Gilly Found Himself

51:45 Gilly's experience overseas

58:52 Is Gilly Driven or Relaxed

01:07:42 How Gilly Dealt with Imposter Syndrome

01:15:52 Gilly's Rituals and Practices

01:25:30 The most interesting case that Gilly has worked on

01:32:33 Gilly's Advice for New Graduates

01:41:47 How To Contact Gilly

01:42:37 Outro