Jan. 17, 2022

#13 On Moving Interstate, SWE Interviews and Traits of Great Consultants

This episode is a compilation of three interviews I did with friends of mine from University.  

Cooper Harrod is an Associate at Macquarie Group.

Oscar Harper is a Software Engineer at Atlassian.

Alex Von Der Borch is a Graduate Analyst at Deloitte and former president of 180 Degrees Consulting in Adelaide.

During each part of this episode, we speak about different parts of their career journeys.

Skip below to the Important Timestamps to find the parts that most interest you.

Important Timestamps

03:28 Cooper Harrod on Moving Interstate for work

09:41 Oscar Harper on the SWE Interview

27:14 Alexander Von Der Borch on what makes a good consultant

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🤝 Connect With The Guests

Cooper Harrod - https://www.linkedin.com/in/cooper-harrod/

Oscar Harper - https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscar-harper-adelaide/

Alex Von Der Borch - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexander-von-der-borch/

👇 Episode Takeaways

Risk and Reward

Cooper's experience is much like my own. Moving interstate, starting a new job and moving out of home all at the same time can be very challenging. However, with challenges comes growth and we both agreed that we have learnt so much through the process.

I really liked his analogy of shooting shots. Moving interstate is an opportunity that you don't get very often. While you're young is the best time to take these kinds of risks. For Cooper and myself, it's certainly been very rewarding.

Failure as Fuel

Oscar gave great insight into his software engineering interview experience. These interviews are notoriously difficult, Oscar explained his process for studying and how he managed to get into his dream company.

What I liked about this part was how Oscar reacted to failure. He was turned away when applying for an internship and instead of being down on himself, he used his near miss as fuel for getting a graduate job.

It's an inspiration for us all that even though we may face setbacks, we can use these as momentum to get up and try again rather than giving up.

Take Your Time

That was Alex's advice for new graduates. He is a great example of someone that has taken things slow.

Sometimes we can get caught in trying to be as successful as possible as early as possible. What is important is to realise that we are all on our own path and that comparing ourselves to others is a fool's game.

📝 Show Notes

00:00 On Moving Interstate, SWE Interviews and Traits of Great Consultants

03:28 Cooper Harrod

03:52 Cooper On Moving Interstate

08:12 Cooper's Favourite Quote

09:41 Oscar Harper

11:06 Oscar Harper

12:33 Oscar on the SWE Interview

27:14 Alexander Von Der Borch

28:26 Alex on 180 DC

29:35 Alex on Being a Great Consultant

34:24 Alex's Career Advice

35:58 Outro