April 18, 2022

Abhi Maran | On Making a Career in Venture Capital

Abhi Maran | On Making a Career in Venture Capital

Abhi Maran is an Investment Analyst @ Folklore Ventures.

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Abhi's University Experience
07:32 What different strategies do VC funds have?
10:40 The difference startup experience makes as a VC
13:06 Skills You Need to Be a VC in Australia
18:03 How does Abhi upskill himself as a VC
21:14 What is Deep Tech?
23:05 Where does Abhi go to learn about new technologies?
24:18 What is Abhi's advice for people thinking about learning in public?
26:56 Abhi on DAO Under
30:59 Where does DAO Meet Community?
33:48 Advice for people discovering web3?
37:34 Who does Abhi look up to?
39:17 Abhi's advice for Graduates
42:23 Where to connect with Abhi
43:24 Outro