Feb. 14, 2022

Aaron Ngan | On The Importance of Taking Action

Aaron Ngan | On The Importance of Taking Action

Episode 17 of Graduate Theory is with Aaron Ngan.

Aaron is an experienced entrepreneur, public speaking coach, and career skills expert. He is the CEO of Junior Achievement Australia, helping people across the country succeed in employment and entrepreneurship.

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Show Notes
00:00 Aaron Ngan
00:51 Intro
01:25 What does Taking Action mean to Aaron?
10:03 Researching vs Using information
14:07 You will never feel ready!
16:50 Aaron's experience with uncertainty when taking action
25:13 Going from 0 to 1
30:28 Mental tools for going from 0 to 1
35:51 Advice for someone having trouble taking action
39:38 Aaron Helps Talk about James' eBook
54:32 How Taking Action Relates to Careers
59:33 Aaron's Career Advice for New Graduates
01:05:05 Connect with Aaron
01:06:02 Outro