#38 Juliana Owen | On Building Your Career in the Australian Job Market

#38 Juliana Owen | On Building Your Career in the Australian Job Market

Coming to Australia and learning English is no easy feat.

Today's guest has done that, and now teaches people worldwide how to land the job of their dreams.

She's a career and life coach with plenty of wisdom to share.

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Juliana Owen was voted Top 10 Career Coaches to be watched in 2021 by the Australian Business Journal. Originally from Brazil, she has over 2 decades of global experience working across strategy, people & culture, and recruitment.

She’s the founder of her brand New Mind Consulting.

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πŸ‘‡ Episode Takeaways

Problems are opportunities

One of the things I really liked about our chat was Juliana's view on the pandemic.

There was certainly a lot of destruction and negative outcomes from the pandemic. Fortunately, Juliana took it all as a positive.

She described the pandemic as being an opportunity for herself and her newly created business.

More generally, Juliana had this to say about turning problems into opportunities.

So if you look at the challenges you're going to be facing as a platform for your success, not as a problem, it's much easier for you to get motivated.
So you, you actually own the challenge and when you own the challenge, your brain feels curious about what's the final outcome.

Her advice: own your challenges and seek the positives.

Australian Job Market is a Specialist Market

A surprising part of our conversation was when we were talking about the differences in the job market between Australia and other countries.

Juliana mentioned that in Australia we have much more of a specialist market. When a role is listed, candidates are expected to fit the exact job criteria.

In other countries, this is not the case. For countries like Brazil, India and others, having a more generalist skillset and showing you can do what is on the job description plus more, is much more valuable. Β  Β 


Juliana shared that one thing that her clients undervalue is networking.

Once you are in an industry, you get known and you can land jobs simply by chatting to colleagues.

Being well connected and in communities with people working in places that you want to work will make the job search significantly easier. Β 

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04:55 Going out on her own

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14:01 Differences in Job applications in Australia

19:00 Common Problems with Professional Applications

23:49 Are cover letters less common?

27:40 Undervalues parts of the application process

32:04 Similar traits in successful job applicants

38:06 Juliana's Advice for Graduates

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