#34 Robby Wade | On The Importance of Perspective

#34 Robby Wade | On The Importance of Perspective

From Banking in Australia to Crypto advisory and now CEO of a startup in Silicon Valley, today's guest has seen a lot.

In this week's episode, you will learn about how hardships can shape you and build your character.

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Robby Wade is a former banking manager, who is on a mission to revolutionise the industry of chat.

He’s a former COO of Vid, and Founding Partner at asset investment group, Nebula Partners, and now CEO and Co-Founder of ThisApp.

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πŸ‘‡ Episode Takeaways

It’s Nice to Know What Sucks

When speaking with Robby, he highlighted his experience working at Mcdonald's.

He said that it was extremely difficult, even more difficult than his current role as CEO of his startup.

Having these difficult experiences allows him to have perspective when approaching situations in his life today.

And so you kind of, it's sort of nice to know what sucks.
Those people that grow up in low socioeconomic environments, they're incredibly hard and they appreciate what they have. I think you can kind of artificially create that by having a shitty job at some point in your life. It's important to give you perspective later on when you're working in different environments.

He expanded on this with his story of running. Running long distances and doing hard things like skydiving help Robby to put simple things like Zoom calls into perspective.

Doing hard things helps us to make the hard things easier.

β€œHard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” - Jerzy Gregorek.

Build Your Relationship with Fear

Robby shared with us his struggles with anxiety. He said they were very difficult but also helpful in providing him insight into what it is like to deal with these kinds of problems.

Robby struggled, but he used these experiences to stretch himself.

He began testing himself and pushing the limits of what he was afraid of.

He went from an anxious young adult to a solo skydiver.

What a transformation.

Robby is a great example of what we are all capable of. If there are things holding you back, you can push past them and create the life that you want. Β 

Read and Run

Robby's final advice to us what that we should do these two things every day.

  1. Read
  2. Run

Even if we just start at one page and one kilometre, it is a near certainty that your life will improve.

You will be learning from the best mentors in the world, while also getting yourself into excellent physical condition.

A strong mind and strong body is a recipe for an effective and enjoyable experience in life. Β 

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