#33 Jack Boxer | On Waking Up and Chasing Your Dreams

#33 Jack Boxer | On Waking Up and Chasing Your Dreams

This week's guest is different to most we've had on the show previously.

He's passionate. He's raw. He's unfiltered.

He's on a mission.

This week's episode will leave you inspired and ready to take your life and career to the next level.

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Jack Boxer is Founder & CEO of Golden Hour, a lifestyle design brand helping people to chase the uncommon life.

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šŸ‘‡ Episode Takeaways

Just in Time vs Just In Case

Jack spoke about learning, and his learning journey to creating his business. During our discussion, he mentioned a great Tim Ferris lesson that he had used.

To learn things just in time vs just in case.

Often we find ourselves learning things that perhaps don't immediately serve us. Learning is great, but this kind of learning can get in the way of learning things that will actually be useful to us right now.

When learning things, consider if you are learning for just in time or just in case.

That is Not the Way to Live

Jack is a man on a mission.

His mission is to help people escape those jobs that they hate, and find those that they really enjoy by providing resources to help them see that there is a way.

He tells us that if you're at a job that doesn't fill you up, you haven't made a mistake.

The mistake is made when you know your job doesn't fill you up but you do nothing about it.

Make a change.

Consistency Is Key

Jack told us that he lives by one key principle.


Everyone starts somewhere. Usually without knowing anything.

Those who achieve great things and have big impacts on the world are those that stay the course, those who are consistent.

Without consistency, all else crumbles.

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